No, as we use all natural ingredients that are completely safe and have minimal to no side effects there is no need for a prescription. This treatment does not contain any substances that require a medical practitioner to prescribe.
In terms of side effects, people generally report improvements to their energy and mood without any negative effects. Over the first two to three weeks, some people may experience a tingling sensation in parts of the body where high levels of the virus exist. This sensation is attributed to the ingredients working to repair the nervous system. The Herpes Simplex Virus lies within the neural ganglia nerve cells. The Amino Acid Formula and Rhodiola actively supports the immune system to target the foreign virus here, while also repairing the damage done to the nervous system. Astragalus, Rhodiola and the Amino Acid Formula are powerful antigens, they stabilise and normalise hormone levels, whilst also boosting the immune system functions, which enables the elimination of the virus.

If you do have an autoimmune illness such as Multiple Sclerosis, it is advisable not to take Astragalus. The reason for this is that Astragalus stimulates and improves the efficiency of the immune system. So, if a person has an autoimmune disease their immune system attacks the person’s cells.

In the early stages of the treatment, those with a higher viral load may experience a reaction, which can present as red bumps, a mild rash or what appears to be an outbreak. This is nothing to be alarmed about, as it is actually a good sign that the treatment is detoxifying the virus from the body by causing an influx of dead cells to be expelled. This reaction is called a Jarisch-Herxheimer Reaction; the immune system releases an inflammatory response, causing a rise in symptoms in the area in which the bacteria or virus are being eliminated from. This treatment is not designed to suppress the virus but rather eliminate it and so this cleansing process is a good indicator. However, if you have any concerns at all please contact the support team for further information. If you are taking prescription medication or suffer from any serious health conditions, please contact the support team to discuss if there are any potential interactions.
Yes we do, we have an Express International Shipping service for global shipping to practically every country around the world. The average delivery timeframe is 6 - 10 business days, refer to the checkout to obtain a cost for shipping to your location. To ensure the safe and guaranteed delivery of your order we provide insurance and full tracking information for you as well. We take all care possible to meet the guidelines in each country for dietary supplements however in the case that there is an issue with delivery we will notify you immediately to resolve it.
We accept Paypal and Bank Deposit. For our international customers and particularly those in the United States we recommend using Paypal. Not only is it one of the most widely accepted and secure payment gateways but they also offer insurance for the purchaser, for that extra peace of mind. If you prefer you can select Paypal at the checkout and enter your credit card details without having to have a Paypal account as well. Synergy Pharmaceuticals does not record any of your credit card details as this is all securely managed by Paypal.
It is expected that to enable the full potential of a successful outcome that a 4-6 month treatment is best. This is mainly dependent on your health and the degree to which the herpes cells have replicated. There are two distinct forms the herpes virus takes; one being a latent infection where it does not replicate aggressively from the neural ganglia and there are no noticeable symptoms. The other HSV form is a productive or reproductive infection in which it does spread and replicate quite extensively, causing more pronounced and prevalent symptoms.

From the clinical research conducted, for a healthy person in the 18 to 55 age range, we see them move from positive to negative at roughly the 6 month point. With some best case scenarios going from positive to negative in 4-5 months (though this is generally if they had a latent, recent infection and in quite good health).

In the early to middle phases of the treatment, there may also be a spike in the herpes antibody serology. This is attributed to the process in the treatment, which draws the virus out from either the sacral ganglion for genital herpes sufferers or from the trigeminal ganglion for oral herpes sufferers. With the support of the other ingredients in the treatment protocol the immune system is able to fight the virus directly. When it does so the antibody levels can increase and subsequently they can take a few months to drop down. For those with a higher viral load with more frequent and severe symptoms the full 6 months duration is advisable.
As these are a dietary supplement and can become contaminated if opened we cannot offer any refunds. We do not accept refunds for a change of mind. In the case that there is an issue with the product please advise us so we may be able to look into your concerns. Synergy Pharmaceuticals use only the best ingredients and have the highest quality manufacturing standards so it would be extremely rare that there is a request for a refund. In the case that customs do not allow the delivery we will notify you immediately to resolve the issue.
Synergy Pharmaceutical’s clinical studies demonstrated an 80% cure success rate with negative IgG blood test results at the conclusion of the treatment. We do suggest though, that there may be certain variables that help to determine the success a person will have in response to the treatment. With antibiotics for example, guarantees from your Doctor that they will be 100% successful cannot be made, due to all the possible variations with the human body and the virus/bacteria in question.

There are also uncontrolled variables such as the person’s consistency with taking the treatment on a regular basis and other individual contributory health factors. As such in the medical industry, guarantees on the success of every individual are simply not possible. Despite this, Synergy Pharmaceuticals are so extremely confident in this product's ability to effectively eliminate the herpes virus for sufferers that they will make every attempt to support and guide people through the process to a successful outcome.
No, we are the first in the world to develop this combination package. The results we have achieved have never been seen before and we’re proud to be able to say we’re the pioneers of the cure for Herpes. The treatment cannot be replicated because we use a proprietary blend Amino Acid Formula in particular that is specialised to treat the virus.
In the research findings, there was a variation in the success rate with oral herpes as opposed to genital herpes. The success rate was in the 70th percentile, slightly lower than that of the genital herpes results. Subsequent further research with the general population reflected a higher success rate at the conclusion of the treatment, being 75%. Subsequently, the overall result in the treatment of the oral herpes simplex virus strain, (most commonly referred to as HSV 1) is currently placed at the 72nd percentile.

Synergy recommends for HSV 1 and HSV 2 oral strains that the suggested timeframe to eliminate the virus is 4 - 6 months. For a latent infection where there are no noticeable symptoms 4 - 5 months is recommended. For productive or reproductive infections where there are more pronounced and prevalent symptoms such as regular cold sores the 6 months timeframe is suggested.
We have had difficulties in publishing the research and findings conducted through medical journals as the massive pharmaceutical companies which sell the antiviral medications have spent considerable amounts of money to block this. The main pharmaceutical company which sells antiviral medications make 4 billion dollars profit each year from selling antivirals medication to the public. So if people no longer suffered from herpes they would lose a massive amount of this market share. This is why it's in their best interests to limit how we have been able to publicise the cure. The word is slowly getting out there though and the demand is overwhelming.
Synergy Pharmaceuticals has adopted an online model and has a customer support team of staff to assist with any questions you may have. This helps to discount the costs of the products to the public. If we had a call centre the number of inbound calls would be unmanageable. However, our customer support staff provide excellent service and will look after you. Please use the contact form on this website or contact us directly at info@cure4herpes.com if you have any questions.
There is no issue in taking this treatment prior to becoming pregnant. It does not have any effect on the female reproductive system and only boosts a person's overall health. Once you are pregnant however we suggest you discontinue taking the treatment. While all the ingredients are completely natural, safe and should pose no risk to the foetus there has not been enough research and testing conducted as yet while a woman is pregnant or breastfeeding on the treatment. As such we cannot medically recommend to take the complete treatment in this circumstance.
The minimum recommended age is 9 years old. There has not been sufficient research conducted into the plant based elements on children below this age. For children they may also have trouble with the capsules and if you were to open them and mix them with juice for example the taste is not very palatable.